Erik M. Bachman is a postgraduate researcher and lecturer in the Literature Department and Porter College at the University of California at Santa Cruz. His areas of study include transatlantic modernism, literary naturalism, legal studies, film, and twentieth-century U.S. and world Anglophone literature, on which topics he has published numerous articles and book chapters. His first book, Literary Obscenities: U.S. Case Law and Naturalism after Modernism, was published in April 2018 as part of the Refiguring Modernism series at Penn State University Press. He is currently developing two new book projects: (1) The Intellectuals Who Failed Better, a comparative assessment of how literary and dramatic categories shaped the reception of the Moscow Show Trials among American, British, Anglophone Caribbean, and German intellectuals; and (2) an as-yet-untitled project that resituates the development of mid-twentieth-century British horror films in terms of the formation of the European Union. He is also the co-editor of the Lukács Library, for which he is currently translating both volumes of Die Eigenart des Ästhetischen (The Specificity of the Aesthetic). His wide and varied teaching experience includes lecture and seminar courses on U.S. literature, film, aesthetics, creative writing, and composition.

You will find a current-ish CV here. You can reach him via email (ebachman followed by He’ll no longer tweet when pressed. His page exists here.